Freezer Cooking: Lentil Burgers & Black Bean Burgers

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This week Crystal at Money Saving Mom is freezer cooking for lunch time.  For the most part my husband and I eat “raw” lunches: as in salads or a plate of veggies, cheese, olives, nuts or the like.  So I wasn’t sure what I would do in the lunch department.

Then I got to thinking about how my daughter would be off school in less than 2 weeks and chances are they will want to eat lunch too.  :)

As much as my girls love their fruits and veggies they need a little more to make a meal.  So today I made Lentil and Black Bean Burgers.


First I cooked up a big pot of lentils and I cooked black beans in my crockpot.

Next I used this recipe for the Lentil Burgers, I did leave out the walnuts and I added 1 egg.  I ended up doubling this recipe twice.  Once the mixture was ready I made patties, flash froze them then wrapped 2 patties at a time in aluminum foil.  Once they were wrapped I loaded them up in a freezer bag.  When we are ready to use them I will pull out one packet, thaw then cook on the stove in a little oil.

I used this recipe for the Black Bean Burgers.  I ended up adding a little extra oats to get the consistency I wanted.  Once I had my patties ready I prepared them for the freezer just as I did the Lentil Burgers.

I ended up with 14 Lentil Burgers and 8 Black Bean Burgers.

2 Responses to “Freezer Cooking: Lentil Burgers & Black Bean Burgers”

  1. Lydia says:

    Fabulous, I have been looking for a good black bean burger recipe!

  2. Amber says:

    Lydia we really enjoy this black bean burger recipe! :)

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