Weekly Menu Plan 2/6/12

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I do have a plan this week however due to an all day internet outage on Monday and being gone all day yesterday I just haven’t had the chance to post it.

Breakfast options:  eggs, bacon, toast, fresh fruit, baked oatmeal (girls), dairy free waffles (girls)

Lunch Options: PB&J (girls), Tuna Salad, BLTs, salad, fresh fruit/veggies, nuts/seeds


No Fuss Monday: Monday I was trying to use up some veggies that were getting really close to going bad.  So I did Chicken, green peppers, broccoli and celery in the crockpot.  The meat cooked on low until it started shreding then I added the veggies.  It was drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, plenty of garlic and pepper.  It turned out really good and none of the veggies were wasted.

Salad Tuesday: I think I may need to change Tuesday to sandwiches or salad.  Yesterday we ended up doing sandwiches which can be really great after a long day.

Breakfast Wednesday: Steak, Eggs, fruit

New Recipe Thursday: Whole Crockpot Chicken, veggies

Splurge Friday: We have a dinner date this weekend so I am quite excited about that.  :)

Mexican Saturday: Tacos

Crockpot Sunday: I am almost out of meat, I actually will be by the time I shop this weekend so Sunday will be whatever meat I get a great deal on, cooked in the crockpot. 

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