An Organic Update!

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It’s hard to believe we have been doing this for almost 2 months now.  When I first told my girls who are 15 and 12 that we were going organic they weren’t really thrilled about it.  What would we eat?  What about soda?  What about this and what about that?

I initially set my budget at $200 per payday, although I finally made it this past payday I am wondering if I need to give myself a little more leeway.  I have been reading Greenbacks Gal who feeds her family of 4 (2 adults and 2 teen daughters) a green diet on $15 a day which would be $210 for a payday.  That extra $10 doesn’t seem like alot but it could definitely help.  However for now I am going to try and stick with $200 and see how it goes.

At this point and time about 90%+ of the food that we have in our home is organic.  We still have some pasta and rice that we haven’t totally went through yet and we still have several spices that we have not switched out yet.  Most everything I am buying is organic with the exception of peanut butter and bread.  We have yet to find an organic peanut butter we like so we are eating Jif or Skippy Natural.  Also I have been buying bread that the bread store, it is Nature’s Pride and it has no HFCS, no hydrogenated oils, no artifical flavors or colors and it has very few ingredients. If I can find a quality item at a good price and it is natural with very few ingredients I will buy it.

Where am I shopping?

I live in an area that does not have a huge amount of options.  There is a Co-op that I have been to once, it is 50 minutes from me one way.   Although it has most everything I could possibly need I can’t justify driving there every week so I plan to go there once a month or so.  My Walmart in town which is only 3 miles away has MAYBE 10 organic items in the whole store.  In a pinch I can run in and get milk, eggs, yogurt, organic salads and oranges.  I have one Kroger that is 6 miles away and one that is 20 miles away.  The closer one is quite small, it does have much more in the way of organic than Walmart but the Kroger that is 20 miles away probably has at least 4 times the amount of the smaller Kroger.  Other than that we have a regular Target and it does have many organic non-perishables.  So I am finding it is just best to head to town and visit all the stores and cherry pick to get what I need.

What are we eating?

If you would like specifics you can check out my weekly menu plan.

We are eating a lot of raw fruits and veggies, every meal includes some type of raw fruit and/or veggie.  We have cut back even more on meat and I have been finding some very good meatless recipes.  We are eating very well and it is showing.

I have lost 10lbs and I hope to lose a quite a bit more over time.  We are all feeling so much better and different than we felt before.  The urge to hit the drive-thru has really disappeared.  We still have our Friday “splurge” where we either go out to dinner, get take out or just pick up something non-organic from the grocery for dinner.  However everyone seems to be enjoying it less and I have noticed that none of use are able to eat as much as we used to when we do get take out or go out to dinner.  Those are all good things!  :)   I have also been off soda now for about 3 months, the hubby and kids still drink an occasional soda but not very often.

If you have any suggestions on eating organically I would love to hear them.  Do you have any great meatless or healthy recipes you would like to share?  Email me or leave a comment please.  :)

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